Followers accustomed to Gundam outdoors of Japan are probably solely to pay attention to the newest sequence, corresponding to Gundam Wing, and Gundam SEED. Followers of those sequence won’t know that there’s extra to it. There are over 23 years price of Gundam tales, with roughly over six timelines. That’s a whole lot of Gundam to go round. In the event you’re a fan of the aforementioned sequence, then let’s took a short overview of the Gundam timelines so as of their recognition.

Common Century

Common Century, or just UC, is the primary within the sequence of Gundam timelines within the franchise. The story of Cell Go well with Gundam, first airing in 1979, begins within the 12 months of UC 0079 beginning with the “One 12 months Struggle”. Two factions, the Earth Federation Pressure and the Principality of Zeon, do not agree with one another on the residing situations between Earth and the house colonies. The Zeon not need the Earth Federation within the enterprise of the colonies, which begins years of battle between those that stay on Earth, and those that favor the colonies.

The Common Century is the longest and iconic Gundam timeline, with two direct sequels to Cell Go well with Gundam: Zeta Gundam and ZZ Gundam. The story of the Common Century continues with the OVAs: 0008: Struggle within the Pocket, 0083: Stardust Reminiscence, The 08th MS Staff, and Gundam Unicorn, together with films Gundam F91 and Char’s Counterattack, which concludes the story from the One 12 months Struggle that includes Amuro Ray and Char Aznable.. It’s a timeline extremely beneficial to these with an prolonged curiosity within the sequence as an entire.

Future Century

Future Century is among the first timelines to maneuver away from the UC period, starting with Cell Fighter G Gundam in 1994. Happening in FC 60, the lifestyle includes real-world nations sending their skilled “Gundam Fighter” in direction of the Gundam Tournaments, held each 4 years. The winner of the event receives full help for his or her nation till the subsequent event. There are even guidelines in place much like boxing, as if the Gundam Fights have been a serious sporting occasion.

Like within the Common Century sequence, and practically each Gundam sequence following the unique, G Gundam consists of the acquainted fixture of parts corresponding to house colonies, along with the unforgettable mecha designs. In G Gundam, house colonies factions are named after their unique nations on Earth. For instance: Japan is now Neo Japan, North America is Neo America, and so forth.

After Colony

After Colony, or AC, is the timeline identified nicely to followers of Cell Go well with Gundam Wing, airing in 1995. Wing returns to the story of conflict, which might be much like the unique Gundam, noting the modernization of the sequence with impartial pilots serving their very own function while serving to within the conflict. Like the unique Gundam sequence, Wing has had barely extra spin-offs, starting with the Countless Waltz OVA a 12 months later.

Additional story expansions embody the newest Frozen Teardrop novelization launched in 2011. In-depth backgrounds of the pilots will be present in Episode Zero and Blind Goal. One other sequence within the After Colony timeline is The Final Outpost, which takes place in the course of the occasions of Wing, however don’t function the principle characters moreover cameo appearances of minor characters.

Cosmic Period

Cosmic Period is one other latest Gundam timeline, overlaying the occasions of Cell Go well with Gundam SEED, and the sequel SEED Future, launched in 2002 and 2004, respectfully. Components in SEED practically follows the type of the primary Gundam, with enemy cell fits resembling Zaku of the Principality of Zeon.

Gundam SEED, together with SEED Future, have 50 episodes every, totaling 100 episodes. Most Gundam sequence, except for the unique’s 42 episodes, run on a median of 49 episodes. Whereas the primary SEED sequence acquired blended opinions on account of generational variations, SEED Future is a sequence that even SEED followers agree that ought to not have been created, with many episodes towards the present’s conclusion of questionable high quality.

Anno Domini

The latest Gundam sequence of the late 2000s to air outdoors of Japan is Cell Go well with Gundam 00, going down within the fashionable period of Anno Domini, or “AD”, in 2307. Gundam 00’s story begins with house colonies already within the late levels of improvement, after the invention of restricted fossil fuels on Earth. Factions in Gundam 00 are continent-based organizations on Earth: Human Reform League (Russia, India, China, and the ASEAN: Affiliation of Southeast Asian Nations), Union (the Americas, Australia, and Japan), and the Anti-Earth Union (Europe).

The preliminary reception of Gundam 00 is how a lot has modified by way of world politics, in comparison with Gundam Wing, which could have additionally had similarities throughout its period within the mid 90s. Taking iconic sequence corresponding to Wing, in addition to G Gundam, that includes 5 pilots, Gundam 00’s major pilots consist of 4 pilots, who’re members of the anti-war group, Celestial Being, who’re sought towards by the three factions.

Gundam 00, first airing in 2007, has two seasons, each at 25 episodes every in comparison with SEED and SEED Future’s 50 episodes. A full-length film, Awakening of the Trailblazer, was launched in 2010, concluding the story of Gundam 00. There are two manga side-stories, Gundam 00-F, and its sequel, Gundam 00-I, each printed in Gundam Ace journal. Try: ดูอนิเมะซับไทย

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